Monday, December 28, 2009

I Love You Even When You Are Big and Spotty

My wife will always say " lelaki mesti nak cari yang lawa and cantik aje" (guys always look for pretty and beautiful girls) or guys will only love their woman when they are slim and pretty. And then I would reply,  "dari mata cinta turun ke hati" (eyes will see love then the heart will follow). This would bring a shake of  the head from her.

Today, in the car on our way to Kota Damansara for another wedding ( please don't let me see another plate of nasi minyak, dalca, ayam rempah and daging dinding), I told my 5 months pregnant wife that she looks more and more radiant as each day passes by.

Her reply was "mana ada cantik lah sayang. Aza makin besar and banyak bintik-bintik merah kat badan". Well, I know that the red spots are due to the hormonal changes that is happening to her. I just smiled when listening to this.

I asked her "So you want me to love you when you are beautiful and slim, sayang? I can do that if you want me to". I added my comment with a sly grin. Her reaction? Silence and a big smile on her now red face. Priceless. 


  1. you better keep this thought forever and ever.. not just now on early stages of marriage.. :)

  2. Hi Diyana,

    Insya'Allah. I will keep the feeling. But usually I think the ladies are more sceptical. They should be more trusting. :)

  3. cinta dari mata turun ke hati... jgn turun bawah lagi cukup lah

  4. Zul, the route is eyes --->heart ----> where the sun doesn't shine region...hahaha


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