Saturday, December 26, 2009

Driver of Crashed Bus Admits to Sleeping at the Wheel Killing 10

Again, a horrible road accident as a result of human carelessness occurred. The Sani Express bus that crashed at Km 272.8 on the North-South Expressway resulting in 10 people dead was due to the driver falling asleep at the wheel. The admission was from the bus driver himself. Breathalyzer and blood test done on the driver came out negative.

The two tier bus was heading north before it skidded and hit the road divider around 1 a.m. The victims were seated on the lower deck. The two drivers and 36 other passengers were only slightly injured. The crash did created a temporary slowed down the traffic flow at that stretch and it only eased up around 8 a.m.

Police have remanded the driver until Wednesday to facilitate them in their investigations.

Not all bus drivers are bad. But some are really reckless and can be called rogues on the roads. I really hope the authorities come down hard on the driver and be made an example to other bus drivers.


  1. I saw this sad news in tv too! haiz... the deads including kids.. so innocent...
    nanged u!

    p/s: hope to see you in my blog too! no nuff ads yet..

  2. owh kesian betul kat diorang ni..tak dapat dibayangkan


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