Thursday, December 24, 2009

Going to War on a Working Day

The Tune Talk we're fighters!!!

Yesterday, I went to war....on a Tuesday! The whole of Tune Talk ( came together at Canyon Paintball, located at Kota Damansara (inside The Club) for a war amongst ourselves. Yes...against each other. The whole event was set up as a team building exercise. Great! I can finally break my paintball virginity.

Canyon Paintball battlefield

We were split into two teams, Team A & Team B, my team. Wish we had thought of more gempak or more creative names for our teams but pretty names don't win you the war. Tune Groundshakers would had Team A quacking in their boots.

The weaklings........ Team A

The strong and mighty..... Team B (me on the left with war face on)

We were briefed by David from Canyon Paintball on the rules of paintball. "Sock off !, mask on!" and "Sock on!, mask off!" were ringing in my ears throughout. The other most important rule was NEVER take of your head gear. A stray pallet would make you lose your eyesight. Although it is miles different then the real thing, the marshalls want you to think it is a real war. I think it's a good thing cos in a real battle, you lose your life.

David giving us the briefing

After the briefing, we were brought to the battlefield. We went through 3 scenarios:

1st Scenario: Free for all
The team that has the most team members still alived after the buzzer, was the victor. My team, Team B won. I didn't get shot and managed to hit 3 members of Team A. Team A zero ; Team B 1. Nice start.

2nd Scenario: Capture the Flag
The first team to capture the flag wins. Don't you know it. Team B won again. The ever gung ho, Jason Lo captured the flag and again we were victorious. Team A NIL; Team B 2. Bring it!!!

3rd Scenario: Command and Conquer
The first team to touch or get over the other's team's wall is the winner. They had a time limit of 15 minutes for 2 games each for this scenario. I became a bit Rambo in this scenario. I ran down the middle with the gun blazing but got shot before I got to their wall. But I managed to shoot 3 people on my way. I was out in a blaze of glory.Nice!

Both teams shared the spoils for the 3rd scenario. It was a good fight. I liked the last scenario. Maybe due to my Rambo-ness.

Then, we all went back to base camp to see what the damage was. My final score was 6 killed at my hands and I got 5 "souvenirs". I realised that the pallets that did not burst hurt more than those that did burst. Arrggghh!!!

Then, we had a little Xmas exchange gift among ourselves. Jason gave out the gifts ala Santa. The whole thing was a "Secret Santa" type of thing. So, now one knew who gave what to whom.

I got a box of Fererro Rocher. Thank you to the secret santa. But I was kinda sad getting them cos I know I wont get to have one once my wife sets her sight on them. Bummer!

Life is like a box of chocolates...

Jason getting his Xmas present

Us with our "One Lick" coupons...hahaha..

All in all, it was a great team building success. Everyone had a blast and some got me. Will do it again if given the chance.


  1. WOW.. nice paintball..
    i only play once at Sunway Extreme Park but that was jsut shooting practise
    i like the word 'break paintball virginity'


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