Friday, December 18, 2009

How To Laugh When Being Robbed

A family friend of ours has a shop near to our home. It's a relatively small sundry shop, but it does OK, I guess. The one who usually takes care of the shop - we'll just call him Ali from hereon - is quite the joker. He jokes a lot with a lot of people too.

One day, Ali was about to close shop when this guy who looks serabut, to say the least, enters the shop.

"Cari apa bang?" Ali asked.

"Saja tengok2.." the guy answered.

A few minutes later, the guy approached the counter and whipped out a parang!

A stone-faced Ali asked, "Apa ko nak?", as if a parang to his face is nothing new.

"Aku nak duit!" the guy shouted. Stupid as well, with no mask on.

"Nah." Ali said as selamba as sleep.

"Argh, aku serabut, aku serabut!" the robber said.

"Apa lagi ko nak?" a still stone-faced Ali asked.

"Rokok, aku nak rokok!"

"Rokok apa? Winston? Kaler apa?" Ali asked.

"Merah dengan putih!" the demanding robber asked. Siap demand lagi...

"Berapa?" Ali asked again, starting to show off his true colours as a real-life joker.

The robber was starting to get pissed off, "Banyak pulak tanya ko! Bagi je la!"

Cigarettes and money in hand, the robber made a run for it, but not before Ali got hold of the car's license plate number and make.

And then, he shouted to his mum upstairs, "Mak, kita kene rompak!!"

And his mum reply was a solid...

"Ko jangan cakap mcm2 la Ali!!"

No doubt, his mum thought he was joking.

And more customers started to come in and asked for kelapa and rokok...

Ali just said to them, "Ohhh, masa perompak datang kedai, ko tak nak pulak datang sini kan??"

Well, I just like to say sorry for what happened.. but that story was just waiting to be told!


  1. huuhuhu.. sungguh... cemas kot keadaan sebenar nye.. huuu

  2. That Ali kid is really a joker. He even rounded up his gang after that (my lil' bro is also one of his friends) and had followed the robber to his place. Apparently, Ali wrote down the plate number and was familiar with the car.
    This is a true story.

  3. Hi Faradanny..nope they didnt get him. Maybe Ali & gang were to close and he noticed.

    Will keep you posted though.


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