Sunday, December 13, 2009

NATS Family Day at Janda Baik

After a whole year working and managing the family, the NATS committee suggested that we have our own NATS Family Day. If you are wondering what is NATS. NATS is our very own little group of friends. You can visit our site

Moving on. Amru proposed that we do it at Janda Baik, off Genting Sempah. He says its ideal for families as there is proper changing rooms, surau and an open ground camping space. The rental for the place and food is only RM 25 per pax. So, its agreed. Janda we come!!!

Saturday (yesterday) morning we met up at Shahrul's place around 6:30. was difficult for me to leave my comfy warm bed. But I got up, pack up and move out like a proud trooper. The Mrs. didn't follow as she had some family matters to attend in Bangi & also she is almost 5 months pregnant. Don't want to make her more uncomfortable as it is. So, she dropped me off and made her way.

One by one of the peeps arrived. Amru & Siti (plus Amru's apprentees Marina & Asfa), Zul & Mazlina plus the kids. Zareef was all excited that he wore his slippers on the wrong feet.

We made a quick breakfast pit stop at Gembira Restaurant Section 3 for breakfast and then off we go.

Wafi was also a part of our group going to Janda Baik but he wasn't at Shahrul's place as he was attending to his grandma who's in HUKM. We all praying that she get well soon. All our prayers are with her.

After a short stop at HUKM to pickup Wafi, we continued our way to Janda Baik. The place that we had rented is called Camp ABC. It holds training, seminars, team building events, bbqs, get togethers and other events of similar in nature. When we arrived, the place was very hilly, chilly but was refreshing and ultimately nice. We immediately unpack our gear and started to find a spot to pitch the tent (for the young ones). The guys were already giddy to plunge in when they saw the water. I on the other hand snooped around to see the sorroundings.

After enjoying ourselves to a refreshing cool dip, we had some games for the kiddies. It seemed the parents were more looking to it rather than the kids. We played bawak bola ping-pong dalam sudu, tiup tepung and carry your partner race. Everyone enjoyed themselves. Mostly the parents while the kids were trying to figure out what's happening.


We had our superb lunch at the camp's mess hall which we had BBQ chicken (Shahrul said it might have been marinated for 13 years, tummy), fried rice, fried kuey tiow, sausage links, veggies and some watermelons. It was included in the package that Amru had taken up. Thanks God, cos after the swin and the games, the last thing that we wanted to do was cooking.

After filling up, we continued the activities with some card and boardgames. The Guesstures boardgmae was a hit with everyone. We teamed up into 2 teams and slug it out. My team (Shahrul,Surini,Zul,Mazlina,Adik Ya and Zareef) won the game hands down. Shahrul & Zul were on the same wavelength from the start.

After the games, some of us went for a quick clean up, prayers and started to pack up for our journey back to Shah Alam. All in all, it was a success. Everyone had fun. We left our daily stresses behind and put our feet up.

Let's do it again next year. This time we"ll make it better than ever. Go NATS Family Day!!!


  1. pasal apalah kita takde gambar kau grinning

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  3. patut ada sorang amik gambar kan?
    also, group picture takde lah zul... :(

  4. saya nak buat family day itu yg nak tanya mahal tak? mgkin family day dlm 20 family...

  5. Salam ziarah..

    Famiy day at Janda Baik...bestnyerrrr

  6. Salammm... May I know where is this place exac??


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